Continuous SEO and development

SEO is a long-term activity and for the best results, active work is required. We’ll help you improve the content, finetune the individual elements and, in general, develop the website from top to bottom. Regular performance monitoring and reporting go without saying.

Regular SEO

Within the predetermined monthly budget, we take care of continuous optimization and development of content, we perform regular checks of the technical condition and indexing. We also deal with fun bits such as structured data, E-A-T standards, or AMP. We deliver suggestions for speeding up page loadings and we take care of building a strong link profile. Based on an agreement, we focus on creating or improving the content or other needs and wishes the client might have. In close cooperation with the client and developers, we simply work on fulfilling the set goals.

Reporting of results

We report our work and results on a monthly or quarterly basis. You can expect an overview of the things we worked on and, naturally, how it all affected traffic and conversions. Because traffic and conversions are what we’re all about.

We monitor the positions of keywords and we are even able to report on them. However, it’s necessary to point out that they’re only an auxiliary indicator and don’t determine how good or bad your SEO is.