Troubleshooting slumps and penalisations

Have you noticed a significant slump in site performance in search, have you fallen victim to a search engine algorithm update, or do you even suspect penalization? We’ll help you find the cause, deal with the consequences and get you back on track in search.

We monitor changes and can respond to them

Changes to search algorithms often cause commotion in search results. Algorithm updates can elevate or bury your site without you even making any changes to it. We follow the current events and can quickly respond to these issues. Take a peek at how we managed to pull back the performance of a website affected by the so-called Medic Update from August 2018.

Penalization? We help you get back

We’ve helped several clients deal with manual or algorithmic penalization from Google. However, this task isn’t exactly a piece of cake, solving the problem can take ages and the client’s losses due to the invisibility of the site are often huge. We can help you but you will make us happier if you avoid penalization in the first place.