BGA Group

The BGA Group company deals with the transport of consignments abroad and within the Czech Republic. It operates the BalíkDoZahraničí.cz website together with its Slovak version and now also

The goals and the results of the cooperation

The goal of SEO was to improve search visibility and the associated increase in the number of shipping orders. First, together with the client, we focused on the BalíkDoZahraničí.cz website. There, not only did we meet our goals, but as a bonus, we got the website to the most searched keywords on the first page in SERP. We’ve substantially tweaked and improved the content, increasing our conversion rate by 90% over the course of our collaboration. Currently, our main focus is link-building and preparing materials for the redesign of the website.

We also helped with the preparation of the website, where we designed the structure of the website based on extensive keyword analysis and monitored all technical parameters before and after the launch. We are currently finetuning the content of the site and starting to build a link portfolio.

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