Hezká Koupelna

HezkáKoupelna.cz is one of the major e-shops supplying complete bathroom equipment that also sells several products under its own brand. We’ve been taking care of continuous SEO work for a long time. We are currently also working on optimizing the Slovak version KrásnaKúpeľňa.sk.

The goals and the results of the cooperation

It all started 9 years ago with a redesign preparation. The client’s request was clear – to increase turnover and search revenue. After a successful redesign, we gradually optimized all categories of the e-shop, built a strong link profile, and developed the content. In short, during the regular SEO administration, we gradually continue to increase the website’s performance. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we’ve helped to double the sales of the e-shop and we’ve completed not one, but two redesigns.